DK Handbook

College level English-102 handbook in tablet format. Featuring highly interactive content and games.

DK Handbook Kinds of Sources
DK Handbook Kinds of Sources module. Students click on various sources (web, book, magazine) to reveal information distinguishing the differences between various kinds of sources.
DK Handbook Evaluating Sources
DK Handbook Evaluating Sources module. Students drag sources which then become MLA formatted citations. After citation building is complete a teacher assess your choices via HTML Audio.
DK Handbook Revision module
DK Handbook Revision module. Students see two sets of thumbnails which illustrate the changes from draft to revised draft. Clicking a page thumbnail displays the paper full size (shown).
DK Handbook Sample Papers module
DK Handbook Sample Papers module. Students are presented with a research paper and sidebar with buttons that toggle writing features (introduction, transitions, conclusion). Each feature can then be clicked to read notes describing the highlighted area.
DK Handbook
The handbook modules are part of a larger, interactive version of the book currently under development.

View the live demo at

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