Letterform Studies

Special attention was given to corners and borders of the work space to enhance tension of the letterform. The positioning along a border or act of entering and exiting the work space was combined with the extreme cropping of legs, tails, eyes and counters to accentuate subtle curves and variation of line weight. Capturing delicate curvilinear details and enlarging them to span the distance of the work area added movement and variation to the composition and typography; this also called attention to the figure ground relationship via large areas of black and white due to the extreme cropping.

Typographic letterform study leg of uppercase 'R' by Andrew McConville.
Typographic letterform study leg of uppercase 'R'.
Typographic letterform study eye of lowercase 'e' by Andrew McConville.
Typographic letterform study eye of lowercase 'e'.

The counter of lowercase ‘u’ was a particular area of typographic interest as it provided both curved and flat lines against the ground. The counter also provided an opening which was the inspiration for a light, airy, free falling motion through a vast open space. Using black text on white ground added to the spacious expanse that slowly consumed an ever drifting letterform. The open counter also inspired the second frame, which in addition to the first, flaunt sharp corners and straight lines that later transform into sweeping typographic curves.

Typographic letterform study lowercase 'u' in motion by Andrew McConville.
Typographic letterform study lowercase 'u' in motion.

Instructor: Bethany Armstrong

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