Mesmer Infographic

Degree planning has yet to be modernized and is still largely done with pen and paper. Many students even choose to rely solely on what their advisers recommend, which can vary widely given that more than 75% of students will have multiple advisers over the course of their education.

The data gathered in this infographic was used to determine the need for a degree planning web app and if students has access to the technology required to use the app.

Mesmer Degree Planner Infographic
The information in this infographic was compiled from a student survey I conducted with over 250 participants. The information was used to gauge the need of an interactive degree planning web app.
Mesmer Degree Planning Software
About one third of students use UWM’s PAWS software to plan their degree, but the software is not kept up to date and the interface often confuses students. This results in students taking courses that don’t count toward their degree, delaying graduation.
Mesmer Adviser Meetings
Only about two thirds of students meet with their advisers on a regular basis.
Mesmer Student Technology Use
Not surprisingly, students own, a wide variety of technology. Most own a laptop and a smart phone or tablet.

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