Text and Texture Typography Fractal Book by Andrew McConville

Text & Texture


This book was an exercise in Typography. Attention was given to font family, size, leading and how text is laid out on the page via single and multi column paragraphs, with and without justified text. I took this book as an opportunity to see what a professionally printed, print on demand, book would look like. […]

Oak Leaf Trail Milwaukee cover by Andrew McConville.

Oak Leaf Trail Accordion Book


The goal: use type and image to direct the viewer via narrative, hierarchy and organized elements of factual and contextual information. A map of Milwaukee was chosen as the backdrop to contain the Oak Leaf Trail spanning the book front to back. Elements contained within the accordion book relate to activities on the trail or […]

ISEA submission page using webforms module by Andrew McConville.

ISEA 2012 Drupal Site


Custom forms for artist submission entries.

Infographic on Great Lakes coal energy use by Andrew McConville.

Energy Life Cycle of Coal


Visualizing the movement and consumption of coal reserves.

Engineer and consumer icons close up 2 of 2 by Andrew McConville.

Energy Life Cycle Icons


Energy icons differentiated by hats.

Man's Modern Muscle gas oil dependency by Andrew McConville.

Man’s Modern Muscle


The heart’s symbolism as an essential life organ combined with the recognizable tips of a gas nozzle were chosen because of their simple and immediately identifiable qualities. The reverse style of dark ground with white figure and text adds a feeling of “shock” to the message, while red replaces black to call on the symbolic […]

Speeding Bears screen print by Andrew McConville.

Speeding Bears are Everywhere


Throughout Yosemite National Park you will see many signs that state: “Speeding Kills Bears.” However, the word “Speeding” is much larger than “Kills Bears” and is followed by an image of a bear, which may lead you to interpret the sign as “Speeding Bears.” With that, I leave you with Speeding Bears across Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Demographics supersized infographic overview by Andrew McConville.

Demographics Supersized Infographic


City demographics in Milwaukee vs McDonald’s spatial density.

13 year snapshot of work and school with imagery on left building metaphoric narrative by Andrew McConville.

Personal Timeline Infographic


Income and expense vs hours worked and credits enrolled.

UWM prerequisite overlay on draging using Spry framework by Andrew McConville.

UW-Milwaukee Interactive Schedule


User experience and information architecture prototype.

Descending Curves wood and plaster sculpture by Andrew McConville.

Descending Curves


Constructed from various pieces of scrap wood which were first glued together, then cut into the curved shape, the wood bodies act as an infrastructure for more than 110 plaster cast pawns.  

Tik typeface by Andrew McConville.

Tik Typeface


The objective was to explore the use of primary shapes and how they relate to the letter form’s positive and negative area. Each letter and number is featured in the pangram poster along with descriptive content about the type face, designer and the letters o, x, & b. Instructor: Bethany Armstrong

William Morris horror vacui close up by Andrew McConville.

William Morris Horror Vacui


Bringing William Morris into the present was achieved by utilizing modern color imagery that was desaturated along with a modern nineteenth century layout. To update the designers original fifteenth century inspired work, varying tones, not color, were add to give the strictly woodblock black patters a wider visual verity, common in contemporary design.

William Morris close up with callout adn sidebar by Andrew McConville.

William Morris Contemporary Spread


Focus was placed on bringing the work of a designer from the nineteenth century, who recreated the style of the fifteenth century, into contemporary twenty-first century magazine design.

Optima Olive typography poster by Andrew McConville.

Optima Olive


This typographic poster in the Optima typeface features a background glyph in Optima, in addition to a golden section grid system. The grid determines title positioning as it contains a long, straight, diagonal to serve as a baseline. From the title, body copy and the subheadings branch off in loose respect to the glyph, which […]

Optima typography with emphasized grid by Andrew McConville.

Optima Blue Grid


The font family Optima was chosen as the basis for a type specimen poster featuring historical information about the typeface, its creator and other related facts. Exploration of multiple grid systems were used along with experimentation of information hierarchy. Along with adding color came a decision to have the background reflect the grid structure used, […]

Little Red Riding Hood by Andrew McConville.

Little Red Cap


The story of Little Red Cap is based on the morbid interactions between a girl a and a wolf. A dark background which the girl fades into was conceived to invoke mystery in the unknown, while a howling wolf was placed directly behind the girl as if to be ever present. After choosing a red […]

Optima Cosmetics by Andrew McConville.

Optima Cosmetics


Research into the typeface Optima found its heavy use in the cosmetic industry as the display face of choice. This common use within an industry lead to the appropriation and parody of the Maybelline slogan “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline” and influenced the pink only color scheme. The font can also be […]

Optima's Glyphs by Andrew McConville.

Optima’s Glyphs


New glyphs were created from Optima’s existing glyphs. Focus on Optima’s typographic properties such as terminals, counters, contrast and weight were carefully considered when combining multiple glyphs into one, new glyphs, which maintains the typeface’s original characteristics. Instructor: Bethany Armstrong

Typography as image Microscopic in Rockwell by Andrew McConville.

Microscopic in Rockwell


The word microscopic was combined with the Rockwell typeface because of its turn of the century, typewriter like, technical feel. The first “O” is placed directly in the center of the typographic composition to place the word “scopic” front and center with an, under the microscope feel. “scopic” appears smaller than “micro” and is placed […]

Typography as image Merge in Helvetica by Andrew McConville.

Merge in Helvetica


The plainness of Helvetica lent itself well to the typography in the merge composition; its nearly uniform stroke allowed letterforms to overlap without irregular bulges or obtrusions. The blandness of the typeface also helps the composition to act as a corporate style logo, giving it a one size fits all message that does not attempt […]

Perosnal logo as art nouveau by Andrew McConville.

Personal Logo


The flowing, curvilinear style of art nouveau as inspiration for a personal logo. Influenced by Alphonse Mucha designs, a circular, organic symbol was created in a floral fashion and placed in the upper left corner of the logo referencing a flower tucked behind the ear. Sweeping curves were then integrated with the leg of the […]

Letterform study eye of lowercase 'e' by Andrew McConville.

Letterform Studies


Special attention was given to corners and borders of the work space to enhance tension of the letterform. The positioning along a border or act of entering and exiting the work space was combined with the extreme cropping of legs, tails, eyes and counters to accentuate subtle curves and variation of line weight. Capturing delicate […]

PHP Demo by Andrew McConville.

PHP Demo


Exercise in PHP programming.


Female Nude


My final project for Drawing II.

Side view of abstract form by Andrew McConville.

Abstract Human Sculpture


This abstract sculpture, cast in plaster, loosely mimics the human form in shape and recreates muscular tissue as texture.

Dragging an event to the bottom revels detailed event information by Andrew McConville.

Communication Evolution Timeline


Data interaction via draggable events on a droppable time line.

Half self-portrait, half skeleton charcoal drawing via reduction by Andrew McConville.

Skeleton Self Portrait


My likeness applied to a skeleton image.

Animal skull charcoal reduction by Andrew McConville.

Animal Skull


An animal skull with dramatic light. Created as a reduction.

Toilet paper conté crayon and charcoal perspective reduction by Andrew McConville.

Toilet Paper Perspective


An entire classroom was strung with toilet paper creating extreme foreshortening and interesting viewing angles.

Cubist style featuring three self-portraits by Andrew McConville.

Cubist Self Portrait


Three self portraits in one, reflecting the cubist style.

Pencil on paper; apple, pear and potato by Andrew McConville.

Hatched Fruit


A potato, pear and apple with dramatic light applied.

Ink on paper hatched self-portrait by Andrew McConville.

Hatched Self Portrait


A self portrait with dramatic light in the foreground and book shelf in the background.

CSS Zen Garden header by Andrew McConville.

CSS Zen Garden


Adventures in CSS via the infamous Zen Garden project.

Invisible Man charcoal drawing by Andrew McConville.

Invisible Man


The objective was to create and draw a still life that defied gravity.

Playing card preview image by Andrew McConville.

Playing Cards with Packaging


The playing card box was a class exercise in product packaging. I chose a card box and soon after decided to go beyond the assignment and create a deck of cards to go along with the packaging.

Go Green Brochure by Andrew McConville.

Go Green Brochure


A tri-fold brochure created with InDesign containing a quiz on how to make your house more energy efficient. Images created with Illustrator.

Aubrey Beardsley newsletter, masthead and sidebar by Andrew McConville.

Aubrey Beardsley Newsletter


The Aubrey Beardsley newsletter was created for a graphic design class using InDesign and Photoshop. It features many of the artist’s works alongside actual and simulated text.

Above and Beyond poster in Illustrator by Andrew McConville.

Above & Beyond Poster


This poster advertises the details of an upcoming performance by the trio Above and Beyond. It was created in Illustrator and focuses on the use of text and shape.