Big Bang fractal by Andrew McConville.

Big Bang


A new desktop background full of fractal magic just in time for Spring. Check it out with a bowl of sherbert or the smoothie of your choice. The high resolution wallpaper / background can be downloaded here: Big Bang Wallpaper Inspired by a fractal I created in 2005: Into the Dream.

Animation Preview of Julia Fractal by Andrew McConville

Julia Animated


Fractal animation in a Julia set created in Apophysis and rendered in Flam3.

Full view of Blood Network fractal by Andrew McConville.

Blood Network


Full view of Solar Roulette fractal by Andrew McConville.

Solar Roulette


Full view of Plaid Magnet fractal by Andrew McConville.

Plaid Magnet


Wood computer front sides on by Andrew McConville.

Water Cooled Wood Computer


The quest for processing speed and complete silence lead to the building of a wood computer case with water cooled internal components.

Dynamism Red, a fractal rendered in Apophysis software by Andrew McConville.

Dynamism Red


Portfolio 2009 home page by Andrew McConville.

Portfolio 2009


Skeuomorphic design with maximum ornamentation.

Playing card preview image by Andrew McConville.

Playing Cards with Packaging


The playing card box was a class exercise in product packaging. I chose a card box and soon after decided to go beyond the assignment and create a deck of cards to go along with the packaging.

Full view of Geometric Heart fractal by Andrew McConville.

Geometric Heart


Full view of Floral Heart fractal by Andrew McConville.

Floral Heart


Full view of Orange Twist fractal by Andrew McConville.

Orange Twist


Flash Interface Hawaii home page by Andrew McConville.

Flash Interface Hawaii


Interactive UI concept.

Full view of Into the Dream fractal by Andrew McConville.

Into the Dream