UWM Mobile

I was given the task of completely redesigning the UWM Mobile app and decided to create a highly interactive experience. The home screen presents users with fresh data relevant to campus life. Where the previous version relied on text, the new version adds graphics and progress bars allowing users to quickly glean information while hastily rushing to class.

UWM Mobile App
UI, UX and interactions designed from the ground up. Programmed several interaction prototypes in app for testing across multiple mobile platforms.
UWM Mobile Home Screen and Navigation Menu
Pseudo parallax home screen user interface. The static photo changes based on the users location, featuring various UWM landmarks.
UWM Mobile Slide Menu Prototype
Side by Side of actual interaction and testing prototype. I designed a horizontal menu system, then programmed a demo of it for iOS and Android.
UWM Mobile Shuttle Bus Status
UWM shuttle shuttle status
UWM Mobile Laundry Status
Prototyping possible display output of laundry services across campus.

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